New Year in a fur coat!

Happy New Year, Happy 2014 my lovely fashionistas!!!

Oh…another year came to an end and…we are still together with updated looks and as the cold persists here in Greece… even if it’s shiny, I’m dressed in a Mango faux fur coat (as I’m environmental and animal friendly 😉 )!

Tip of the day : The black lace skirt is so in fashion! Don’t be afraid that it’ll be too formal, match it with T-shirts, sweaters and whatever you could match your jeans 😉

Stay tuned….a post of me in Paris is coming…. 😉





20131211_155338 (1)


Until then…lots of kisses babes :*


By L.


Last week’s outfits


Hello my dear fashionistas!!!!

How are you? Unfortunately, here in Athens, the weather is preety cold but it’s ok…. it’s about that time to wear sweaters again! Well, here I post a collaze of images and details from what I wore last week! Jeans, leopard and tartan have undoubtedly cought our attention for this season! I will advice you only to watch out how you match leopard …. Don’t overdo it! Good luck!!!

Lots of kisses :* :*



By L.

14th Athens Xclusive Designers Week / Carmen Emanuela Popa

Hello my dear fashion lovers ! Today my post is about a new fashion designer called Carmen Emanuela Popa and her collection, which was presented in Sunday at 14th Athens Xclusive Designers Week. Of course, I was there and I present you her collection …..

2013-10-20 19.22.52 HDR

2013-10-20 19.44.58

2013-10-20 19.46.05 2013-10-20 19.46.19

2013-10-20 19.47.17 2013-10-20 19.47.25

2013-10-20 19.48.32 HDR 2013-10-20 19.48.41 HDR 2013-10-20 19.48.46

2013-10-20 19.49.49 HDR 2013-10-20 19.51.21

2013-10-20 19.53.59 2013-10-20 19.54.08 HDR

2013-10-20 19.55.10 HDR

2013-10-20 19.56.28 2013-10-20 19.56.33

2013-10-20 19.57.34 2013-10-20 19.57.46 HDR 2013-10-20 19.58.50 2013-10-20 19.58.58 HDR 2013-10-20 20.00.54 HDR 2013-10-20 20.01.01

2013-10-20 20.02.00 2013-10-20 20.02.15 HDR

2013-10-20 20.03.10

2013-10-20 20.04.27

The finale….

2013-10-20 20.05.49 HDR 2013-10-20 20.06.59 2013-10-20 20.07.03 2013-10-20 20.07.08 2013-10-20 20.07.15

The designer Carmen Emanuela Popa…..

2013-10-20 20.08.06 HDR

Yes it’s me, feeling like a model just for a second on the catwalk 😀

 2013-10-20 20.10.32 HDR

To be continued……

By L.

New Manolo Blahnik ss’14 collection

Hello my dears!!!! How are you? Well, let’s take a glance at Manolo’s new spring-summer 2014 collection ! Many colours and new design out of the ordinary style from which he became famous! Nevertheless we like the fresh and his innovative styling!Would you wear them? Me…. definitely YES! Kisses babes :*

manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-15-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-14-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-13-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-12-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-11-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-10-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-9-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-8-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-7-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-6-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-5-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-4-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-3-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-2-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-1-333x500

By L.

Isabel Marant for H&M

Hey ladies!!! Have a good month!New month, fresh happy news, beginning with Isabel Marant collection for H&M! At last Isabel Marant collection is launched and here are the looks that will be at our disposal from this month! Let’s run girls before it’s too late…..!! :*


25627-6103_LB_0125580-6103_SL_W_42_PR 25590-6103_SL_W_16_PR 25600-6103_SL_W_37_PR


25624-6103_LB_0525594-6103_SL_W_54_PR 25595-6103_SL_W_50_PR 25596-6103_SL_W_49_PR




25628-6103_LB_0425584-6103_SL_W_04_PR 25605-6103_SL_W_44_PR 25606-6103_SL_W_11_PR


25622-6103_LB_06 25619-6103_SL_W_21_PR 25617-6103_SL_W_12_PR 25614-6103_SL_W_39_PR 25612-6103_SL_W_55_PR 25610-6103_SL_W_17_PR 25609-6103_SL_W_53_PR 25608-6103_SL_W_38_PR 25604-6103_SL_W_02_PR 25603-6103_SL_W_01_PR 25602-6103_SL_W_36_PR 25601-6103_SL_W_18_PR 25598-6103_SL_W_45_PR 25593-6103_SL_W_52_PR 25592-6103_SL_W_08_PR 25587-6103_SL_W_23_PR 25588-6103_SL_W_24_PR 25589-6103_SL_W_05_PR 25591-6103_SL_W_06_PR 25586-6103_SL_W_07_PR 25582-6103_SL_W_40_PR 25579-6103_SL_W_26_PR 25577-6103_SL_W_30_PR


Have a nice shopping……

By L.

Street fashion @ Paris Fashion Week

Hello hello, let’s take a fashion taste from what was worn @ last week’s Paris Fashion Week on the streets!

Taste, elegance, accessories, clutces, dresses, fantasy….and off we go!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  22 23 24 25 21

By L.

My outfits for this week

Hello sweeties! Well, last week began happily as I had my birthday and I got a super stylish present, the MK logo Tote bag of the picture below! 🙂


I have changed my hairstyle also as you see at my selfies and due to cool weather, I tend to wear jeans and generally pants, more often. So, here are the pictures I took by myself! Hope you like them…..enjoy!!

DSC_3079  DSC_3146 DSC_3147 DSC_3088DSC_3151 IMG_20130912_141932 IMG_20130923_144437 IMG_20130924_101709  IMG_20130926_145453

By L.