Street fashion @ Paris Fashion Week

Hello hello, let’s take a fashion taste from what was worn @ last week’s Paris Fashion Week on the streets!

Taste, elegance, accessories, clutces, dresses, fantasy….and off we go!

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By L.


Hermes belt- Street styling

Well well, todays post is about the well-known to all, Hermes belt! It’s true that is as simple as “H” but can magically turn the simplest outfit to a chic one! That’s why most of the celebrities chooce this in many versions and colous. Let’s see some street styles…

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By L.


Matching the ocean blue

Hey guys!! After a few weeks of absence I’m back again in a happy mood, wearing a blue tee and a denim &lace shorts, matching with the ocean’s blue! I must admit that I’ve missed you all and your comments! For this photoshoot I’ve been to a preety secret place to escape from Athen’s city center!

Glad to be back……..!!
DSC_1952 DSC_1951


DSC_1932   DSC_1917DSC_1955

By L.