Last week’s outfits


Hello my dear fashionistas!!!!

How are you? Unfortunately, here in Athens, the weather is preety cold but it’s ok…. it’s about that time to wear sweaters again! Well, here I post a collaze of images and details from what I wore last week! Jeans, leopard and tartan have undoubtedly cought our attention for this season! I will advice you only to watch out how you match leopard …. Don’t overdo it! Good luck!!!

Lots of kisses :* :*



By L.


New Manolo Blahnik ss’14 collection

Hello my dears!!!! How are you? Well, let’s take a glance at Manolo’s new spring-summer 2014 collection ! Many colours and new design out of the ordinary style from which he became famous! Nevertheless we like the fresh and his innovative styling!Would you wear them? Me…. definitely YES! Kisses babes :*

manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-15-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-14-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-13-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-12-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-11-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-10-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-9-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-8-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-7-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-6-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-5-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-4-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-3-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-2-333x500 manolo-blahnik-spring-summer-2014-1-333x500

By L.