Dubai Christmas Bound

Hello ladies and gents , I wish you all a happy new year with lots of happiness and success !! Well, I will share with you my perfect experience of my Christmas trip to Dubai ! To be honest…. I loved it !! The weather was really nice reminding more summer than Christmas time… As the day temperature was about 28 degrees Celsius. The combination also, of the super artificial and luxurius buildings and landscapes with the natural dessert look, it was really breathtaking !! I definitely urge you to visit it!!! Let’s take a look …

Just landed!At the airport’s building, full of lux and palm trees


At the background, Burj Al Arab (def. Tower of Arabia), a super lux hotel equal to 7 *2015/01/img_4783.jpg


The largest golden 18karat ring in the world, nominated with Guiness award (@Souk market place) 2015/01/img_4884.jpg

An elevator selfie, being ready for a cruise in dubai marina 2015/01/img_4898.jpg

@Dubai marina 2015/01/img_4918.jpg

@Dubai marina 2015/01/img_5395.jpg2015/01/img_5396.jpgThe tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa ( it cannot even fit the photo)2015/01/img_4927.jpg

The breathtaking view from the top of Burj Khalifa…. being 456 meters above the ground!!!!2015/01/img_5182.jpg2015/01/img_5296.jpgA closest look to my favourite necklace (which i wear to the picture above) from (instagram ) . The evil eye is a dubai purchase 😉2015/01/img_5327.jpgInside Dubai Mall which was the largest mall counting soo…. many shops in there!2015/01/img_4935.jpg




The aquarium inside Dubai mall2015/01/img_4944.jpg

Manolo Blahnik paradise!!2015/01/img_4968.jpg

One of my purchases, Christian louboutin nail colour (ZOULOU)2015/01/img_5190.jpgThe inside view of the Burj Al Arab top2015/01/img_4975.jpg

My babe &I … inside Burj Al Arab 2015/01/img_5042.jpg



The view from the top of my hotel


Safari experience!!2015/01/img_5222.jpg



2015/01/img_5242.jpgThe camel & I




Lots of kisses….

By L.


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