H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection

Hello my dear fashionistas!!

Last Tuesday , the H&M Black Tie Party was held in order to celebrate the launch of the Spring-Summer Conscious Exclusive Collection! Lot’s of people were there…at the Ermou H&M store in there city center of Athens! Here are some photos of the event.. and of course what I wore for this event!  Let’s take a look 😉

Outside the windows of the conscious collection




My back…

20140408_181131  20140408_192117



With the famous greek actor Leonidas Kalfagiannis

20140408_190307 20140408_185418

My new “buy”  from Conscious Collection




The red carpet from where I stand..


Me on the red carpet! 🙂




By L.


Pastel games

hello…hello… it’s been a while since my last post but..as it is said…it’s never too late…!

Here is one of my beloved outfits from my last nightout in Athens’ downtown! As the weather turns out to be better last days I wore a Marc Jacobs logo t-shirt matched with a super formal pastel lace long skirt! Don’t let your formal skirts being miserable in your wardrobe! Dare to wear them with a casual t-shirt…and you’re ready!!! Good luck 😉






By L.

Why am I a ZerTeo jewelery lover ?

Well, it’s a bit hard to answer… as ZerTeo is one of my favourite jewelry stores in Athens!Maybe it’s the luxurius atmosphere matched with plenty of gold…! Well…I admit that something I noticed from the very first time is that every jewel is a piece of art and you will definitely find something to match your style!There are also so many earings, necklaces and bracelets with precious and semiprecious stones that I got crazy with!!!!! Thanks God that Zerar and Teo (the owners of ZerTeo) were there to help me!
So…I tried to put on as much jewelery as I could…so take a look 😉

K18 pink gold earings with rubies and white diamonds

Arm party with 18k golden details and 18k chevalier ring

Black woven evil eye bracelet with diamonds and golden brecelets with diamonds

K18 pink gold with white diamonds and rubies

K18 pink gold ring with brown diamonds

Κ18 pink gold with white diamonds and rubies

Κ18 pink gold with diamonds, tsavorites and peridot

K18 pink gold with black diamonds

What I told you?? All are pieces of art!!! 😉

So….frost yourselves!!!

How is Christmas in Paris?

With one word, magic!! Well, as I promised to you and as I keep my promises here are many photos of how I spent Christmas time in Paris! It doesn’t matter that I’m one month late from Christmas (and I apologise for that) it’s  because I’m too busy last month due to my academic affairs.

Let’s  begin from the basics : the weather was so cold… so dull and rainy the first days and that was the reason why it was  so hard for my boyfriend to take decent photos of me (hm….I revealed my photographer :-p )

Here I’m freezing while waiting the queue to enter the Eiffel Tower and I’m wearing half of my wardrobe as well :-p


It’s still so magic from far away

20131224_170055 20131224_171510 received_m_mid_1387926865068_fb652d4ae4c706f572_2

A bit windows shopping “aux Champs Elyssees”


20131224_185121 20131224_185050



Louis Vuitton

20131224_185802 20131224_18581220131224_18583920131224_18584920131224_185918


20131224_190554 20131224_190608

…and here’s the “ Arc de Triomphe” that’s how French call it….

20131224_190728 received_m_mid_1387926865068_fb652d4ae4c706f572_0

Standing on the top floor of Pompidoy Center, in a coffee- restaurant  called Georges.

That was the only day out of four, that the sun was shining!


Le Musee du Louvre

 20131226_141302 received_m_mid_1388091919207_dbfe0cf6e969355e94_4

The super famous Mona Lisa


Inside Galeries Lafayette (yes!! the absolute shopper’s destination) and as you can see it was SO CROUDED barely hard to walk and even to breathe!

 20131226_173826 20131226_173059 20131226_173232 20131226_172740 20131226_173346 20131226_173217 20131226_173417 

Outside Abercrombie & Fitch shop where we have to wait for about an hour to enter the (gorgeous!) building…

received_m_mid_1388230548440_7fce06c41fd0db7c26_2 20131227_13553320131227_143522   received_m_mid_1388230548440_7fce06c41fd0db7c26_1 

And….while strolling around I bumped into macarons!! Of course I ate a lot of these colourful delicious creatures 😉 !

 received_m_mid_1388230919505_0aab6a2866e2769a96_4 received_m_mid_1388231007944_7a5e79b68139248812_5 20131225_182626

And…that’s how my trip came to an end looking forward for the next one! I can’t tell you the next destination yet…SURPRISE!!!

So many kisses to all of you!!!! :* :*

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New Year in a fur coat!

Happy New Year, Happy 2014 my lovely fashionistas!!!

Oh…another year came to an end and…we are still together with updated looks and as the cold persists here in Greece… even if it’s shiny, I’m dressed in a Mango faux fur coat (as I’m environmental and animal friendly 😉 )!

Tip of the day : The black lace skirt is so in fashion! Don’t be afraid that it’ll be too formal, match it with T-shirts, sweaters and whatever you could match your jeans 😉

Stay tuned….a post of me in Paris is coming…. 😉





20131211_155338 (1)


Until then…lots of kisses babes :*


By L.

“Isabel Marant pour H&M” event


Hello sweeties!!! 🙂

Today I’m going to give you all the details about the “Isabel Marant pour H&M” event! This event took place in order  to celebrate the collaboration of Isabel Marant and H&M, two days before the official launch of the collection!

All began on Monday when I got the invitation above  and I was really excited about being on Tuesday in this event at the H&M of the city center of Athens! Well… by the time we arrived there, it was a chaos! So many people waiting to enter the H&M building but the atmosphere inside the building was so rewarding as the music was so loud and the Belvedere Vodka cocktails were so refreshing and tasty. So,when the lights switched on and the collection was revealed…. there was a nightmare as all of us were running to catch our favourite piece of Isabel Marant collection !!!! Nevertheless, the Isabel Marant collection was great ,I really liked the fabrics used … and here are some photos of this great fashion event …. 😀

With my favourite Isabel Marant jacket….

20131112_191658 20131112_191716 20131112_191845

Strolling around with plenty of enthousiasm :-p

20131112_192554 20131112_194231 20131112_193533 20131112_194600 

What I told you?? So crouded…

20131112_194047 20131112_193720

I also bumped into my sweeties fashion bloggers TwinFashion ,Nefeli & Natalia and fashion stylist Alexandra Katsaiti

20131112_191808 20131112_192127 20131112_192757

What I wore : 

20131112_203548 20131112_193215 20131112_193232

Total H&M look, calzedonia leggings, Juicy Couture leather bag , Accessorize necklaces, Michael Kors booties

By L.

Last week’s outfits


Hello my dear fashionistas!!!!

How are you? Unfortunately, here in Athens, the weather is preety cold but it’s ok…. it’s about that time to wear sweaters again! Well, here I post a collaze of images and details from what I wore last week! Jeans, leopard and tartan have undoubtedly cought our attention for this season! I will advice you only to watch out how you match leopard …. Don’t overdo it! Good luck!!!

Lots of kisses :* :*



By L.