“Isabel Marant pour H&M” event


Hello sweeties!!! 🙂

Today I’m going to give you all the details about the “Isabel Marant pour H&M” event! This event took place in order  to celebrate the collaboration of Isabel Marant and H&M, two days before the official launch of the collection!

All began on Monday when I got the invitation above  and I was really excited about being on Tuesday in this event at the H&M of the city center of Athens! Well… by the time we arrived there, it was a chaos! So many people waiting to enter the H&M building but the atmosphere inside the building was so rewarding as the music was so loud and the Belvedere Vodka cocktails were so refreshing and tasty. So,when the lights switched on and the collection was revealed…. there was a nightmare as all of us were running to catch our favourite piece of Isabel Marant collection !!!! Nevertheless, the Isabel Marant collection was great ,I really liked the fabrics used … and here are some photos of this great fashion event …. 😀

With my favourite Isabel Marant jacket….

20131112_191658 20131112_191716 20131112_191845

Strolling around with plenty of enthousiasm :-p

20131112_192554 20131112_194231 20131112_193533 20131112_194600 

What I told you?? So crouded…

20131112_194047 20131112_193720

I also bumped into my sweeties fashion bloggers TwinFashion ,Nefeli & Natalia and fashion stylist Alexandra Katsaiti

20131112_191808 20131112_192127 20131112_192757

What I wore : 

20131112_203548 20131112_193215 20131112_193232

Total H&M look, calzedonia leggings, Juicy Couture leather bag , Accessorize necklaces, Michael Kors booties

By L.


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