How to mix and match your clothes (Vol.1)

Hello my dear new readers!

We all know that there are too many blogs created about fashion BUT this blog is not about shopping (’cause we are in view of crisis) but how to exploit clothes that we already have!  Today I’m doing my first post on my very new blog and is about how to mix and match the clothes that you already have in your wardrobe! OH YEAH! We all have so many clothes and when is about that time to go out, we say : “OH no…I have nothing to wear, I must go shopping” !

So no more shopping….(at least at the moment)! Let’s MIX and MATCH!!!!!!

 For a Casual, Morning outfit


a) a pair of jeans


It would be nice if you had light-coloured jeans ’cause we are stepping into spring and colours must fit our happy mood!! 😀

b) a T-shirt with a joyful stamp on it (the stamp is optional)


You can choose either a short sleeve or a long sleeve T-shirt if you are cold! (Unfortunately, weather is still upside down!!!So won’t get cold!)

c) A necklase 


I would suggest a quite simple one because it’s still morning! But for an afternoon hang out I would be nice something like this :


Don’t be afraid of the colour! Is totally IN fashion’s SUMMER mood!! 

d) A leather jacket


If you don’t have a leather one, DON’T worry! Just wear a jacket ! (Suggested colours : black, light brown, militraire green)

p.s : You can leave a comment about any outfit that you would like to discuss with me, or clothes in your wardrobe that “makes your life difficult” to match !


By L.


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